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Tree Tutorial
by John S 13 days ago

Tree Tutorial

We often find that good looking trees are one of the hardest things to build with LEGO, so this tutorial covers 5 designs we have found to be useful. All of which were also featured in my Amon Hen build.

Keep reading after the break to see all of the designs!

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Four Sided Castle Roof Tutorial
by Isaac S 4 months ago

Four-sided Castle Roof Tutorial

This tutorial is focused on the castle roof design I used for Harburg Castle. The roof has two slopes, and is four sided, making it a bit more complex than your typical roof.

For this example, I will be roofing a 12x12 area. Keep reading for the complete tutorial with step-by-step pictures.

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Simple SNOT and Studs Up Rockwork Technique
by Isaac S 7 months ago

Simple SNOT and Studs Up Rockwork Technique

This is a very simple rockwork technique that combines studs up and SNOT sections easily. The parts used consist mainly of basic slopes and bricks along with 1x1 brick with stud and 1x1 headlight bricks.

So keep reading and find out how it's done!

For this tutorial, I will build a small section of coastal rockwork. Something to keep in mind with this design, is that for the SNOT sections to fit over the water, the rockwork needs to start on the same plate level.

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Sideways and Studs Up Curved Wall Technique
by Noel P 8 months ago

Round Wall Technique

Today I will be showcasing a variation of a round wall technique that I'm fairly certain was originally created by Gilbert Despathens.
I find it to be useful when you don't have that many SNOT bricks or hinges handy. Let's get into it!

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Wagons and Carts Tutorial 2
by Isaac S 8 months ago

Wagons and Carts Tutorial

We've already done a tutorial on a couple carts and wagon designs, but it is always nice to have a good variety of designs for items like this. Keep reading to see how to construct a nice peddler's cart, prison carriage, and small hand cart.

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