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Set reviews from a builder's perspective.

Review: Jungle Exploration Site 60161
by Mark E a year ago

Jungle Exploration Site

Jungle Exploration sets, the latest subtheme of the ever-popular City genre, are now available worldwide! We have the opportunity of reviewing some of the highlights from this new wave of items. The Jungle Exploration Site includes 813 pieces and retails for $119.99 in the United States. It comes with an exotic array of vehicles, minifigs, and animals. Read on to explore more!

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Review: Krennic's Imperial Shuttle set 75156
by Graham G a year ago

Hello, ladies and gents! Time for another Rogue One review! We'll be taking a look at Krennic's Imperial Shuttle, set number "75156." This time I decided to shake things up a bit, and cover the set in a video instead of a post. Check it out right here on our YouTube channel!

I have also included a bit of a write-up (with pictures!) about the building process, so if you'd like to see that, keep reading.

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Review: Creator Carousel set 10257
by David R 2 years ago

Carousel Review

This LEGO Creator Carousel set is one of the most fun sets that I have ever built. The urge to turn the crank to power the carousel ride is irresistible, especially when you know how it all works. With so many cool pieces to work with that normally wouldn't be found together make this set a unique building experience. Watch the video review and take a look at the detailed photos that go along with our written review for the full analysis.

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Review: Ninjago Rock Roader 70589
by Andrew R 2 years ago

Ninjago Rock Roader

While the new LEGO Ninjago sets are just hitting stores, we wanted to finish up our reviews of the previous wave of sets. One such set is the Ninjago Rock Roader. Priced at $40.00 and containing 406 pieces, this set contains your usual 10-cent-per-piece. This set ranks near the top of my favorite sets for its functionality and playfulness. Read on to discover why!

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Review: US Capitol Building set 21030
by Paul R 2 years ago

US Capitol Building LEGO set 21030

The US Capitol building Architecture set is one of larger sets in this line at $99.99 and includes 1,032 bricks. The famous Capitol Building, with its neoclassical style was a perfect addition to the Architecture series, releasing along aside the Buckingham Palace and joining the ranks of other world renown architectural marvels.

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