January 2017 Recap Video

At the end of each month we'll be posting a recap video about InnovaLUG members' LEGO creations, updates from what various members are up to, current and upcoming contests, a summary of the month's website posts, and other online community tidbits.

The video referred to several webpages which are linked to below.

Build Logs
Sigurds General Goods: Build Log
Leanorll Manor: Build Log
Life in Nordheim: Build Log
Forest Cottage: Build Log
The Last of Us: Build Log

LEGO Speeder Bike Racing League Building Contest

ABS Builder Challenge
ABS Round 1.7 Results
ABS Builder Challenge 1.8

Website Posts
Wagons and Carts Tutorial
Imperial Assault Hovertank set review

Looking to Next Month
That's it for the recap video for this month! If you have something that you think we should cover in next month's video, email us about it at info@innovalug.com

Let us know what you think of this new video series in the comments!