Ye Old Merry Battleground Collaboration at BrickFair VA 2016

InnovaLUG presents our latest collaboration, Ye Old Merry Battleground! In our last post we posted a lot of teaser pictures for this collaboration for BrickFair Virginia 2016. We wanted to give those online a sneak peak at what was coming to BrickFair VA, and give those attending the convention the first look at the entire collaboration. Now that the convention is over, we are ready to share the pictures of the individual creations and pictures of the entire collaboration!

The Vermillion realm (red) and the Cerulean realm (blue) are at war! The land's greatest heroes go head to head in many epic battles where breaches are made on both sides. The forest men who dwell outside of the two realms' protection acted upon the war's opportunity and planned their own schemes for riches. As you cross between the realms, beware of bandits, swindlers, and dragons.

Take a look at all of the creations and collaboration pictures below!

Wykeham Farmstead by Mark:
Wykeham Farmstead

Rhoddedron Tavern by Andrew:
Rhoddedron Tavern

Cordington Courtyard by David:
Cordington Courtyard

Vermillion Raiders by Michael:
Vermillion Raiders

Cerulean Chapel by Joseph:
Cerulean Chapel

Leanan Manor by Isaac:
Leanan Manor

Forestmen Camp by John:
Forestmen Camp

Vermillion Ruins by Paul:
Vermillion Ruins

Symounde's Covert by David:
Symounde's Covert

Faerdham Monastery by Andrew:
Faerdham Monastery

Bedulf Tower by Mark:
Bedulf Tower

Cerulean Stables by Isaac:
Cerulean Stables

Beekeeper's Cottage by Isaac:

Eynsworth Keep by Andrew:Eynsworth Keep

Aindrea Bridge by Isaac:
Aindrea Bridge

Ellena's Bakery by Isaac:

Forestmen Trap by John:

Falconer's Cottage by Isaac:

Cerulean Watchtower by John:

Vermillion Castle by John:

Farmer's Cottage by John:
Farmer's Cottage

Wolfpack Ambush by John:

Vermillion Watermill by Isaac:
Vermillion Watermill

Farwin Castle by Steven:

Marbury Village by Mark:
Marbury Village

Storhoggvi Strikes by Mark and Steven:
Stórhǫggvi Strikes!

We also took lots of pictures of the collaboration while at BrickFair. Below are some of the highlights, but you can see all of them in a Flickr album
Ye Old Merry Battleground BrickFair VA 2016

InnovaLUG at BrickFair Virginia - Ye Old Merry Battleground
From left to right: Paul, John, Isaac, Aaron, Michael, David, Andrew, Joseph, Steven, and Mark.

Ye Old Merry Battleground BrickFair VA 2016

Ye Old Merry Battleground BrickFair VA 2016

Ye Old Merry Battleground BrickFair VA 2016

Ye Old Merry Battleground BrickFair VA 2016

Ye Old Merry Battleground BrickFair VA 2016

Be sure to check out the full Flickr album for more photos!
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We all had an absolute blast at BrickFair Virginia this year! We hope you enjoyed our first live collaboration, and it won't be our last. Leave us a comment of your thoughts about the display or let us know about one of your favorite details!