BrickFair VA Collaboration Teaser Pictures: Ye Old Merry Battleground

For the last few days the interwebs have been flooded with teaser photos from our LUG members. I can imagine the possible frustration of the LEGO Flickr community, particularly in the castle genre, upon seeing dozens of pictures showing only a small portion of a larger creation. But a little patience might be well worth it!

InnovaLUG has released several collaborations and flash-mocs before, most notably Isles of Aura and Age of Empires II. But this is different because this is LIVE. Yup, ten of our team will be present at Brickfair Virginia. And we are packing enormous amounts of LEGO!

The good people at Brickfair were kind enough to heed our request for some special table space. A grand total of 4' by 30'! We are super excited about showing you the plethora of castle goodness we have up our sleeves, but it wouldn't be complete without a shot of the whole layout. So expect an epic reveal post sometime after Brickfair. Until then, enjoy the teaser pictures!

The Woods Have Eyes, and the Trees Have Ears.

They Are Coming

Bridge Battle

Towering Teaser

Information Gathering

After a long days work.

Bee Business


Intelligent Infiltration


Wily Wolfpack


Marching Out

We Ride to Battle!

The Duel

Porky Problem

Black Falcons vs Crusaders

Teachings of Peace

&quotBorrowing" Supplies

Trading Places

Don't look down

You'll find our collaboration in the Castle section marked on the map as Ye Old Merry Battleground. Follow us on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Google + to get updates, and subscribe to us on YouTube for at least one video that we'll be posting about our collaboration at some point after the event.

If you happen to make it to the event or take pictures of our collaboration, mention us on social media and use #YeOldMerryBattleground so that we'll be sure to see it!