42056 Porsche 911 GT3 RS: Review

My experience with Technic is pretty limited, and while I enjoy including working functions in my builds, they're usually quite simple designs. That said, I've always admired the functionality of Technic sets and was super excited to get a copy of #42056 to review. John also contributed to the review, and I'll intersperse his thoughts with mine. Throughout the unboxing and build process, we were both blown away by the detail, technique, and size of this set. Assembling the set took us 7 hours and 20 minutes over a several day timeframe, though an experienced Technic builder or someone not photographing the model as it grew, could likely assemble it somewhat quicker.

Keep reading to see all our thoughts about this massive set!

The packaging is the best I have seen for a LEGO set. Different views of the car are shown off on the outside of the box, as is expected, but inside it's easy to see that this is an extra special set.

John: This packaging takes things to a whole new level for LEGO sets. While the model itself is the vital component, such quality in the box and manual shows off how much pride went into this creation.

Unlike most sets, the box has a lift off lid and an instructions book, not manual. Its new wheels are displayed prominently on the left. Rather than just having numbered bags of parts, there are actual boxes for each of the 5 set modules.

A stickers sheet and box number 1 are underneath the instructions book. Stickers are used for all added detail besides the printed fenders and 1x1 round tiles.

This instructions book feels like the owners manual for a real car, with plenty of heft, high quality pages, and an attractive cover design.

There is a plethora of information on the real Porsche 911 GT3 RS, and prior 911s, shown off in the introduction of the instructions.

I found this timeline of the set design process to be interesting, and the several year time-frame shows just how much work went into the stunning set.

Even the inner box, and inside of the lid feature some nice printing, with old 911s around all 4 sides of the lid.

After opening the box, we realized just how huge this set is, and knew wed need help with it, so recruited two very enthusiastic minifigures named Max and Mike.

After spending a bit of time admiring all the wonderful packaging, its time to move onto the build itself!

Assembly starts with the drive-train which includes the main functions of the vehicle: steering, dual clutch gearbox, paddle shifters, suspension, and a flat 6 engine. The individual boxes open easily and could be reused if you like. The orange used here is definitely regular orange and not dark orange.

Inside the first box there are 10 bags, all numbered 1 as corresponds with the box number.

Max and Mike got right to work starting on the gearbox

A sticker shows the Drive, Neutral, and Reverse positions for the shift stick.

This section of the build process was quite fun, as each new addition of gears adds to the number of moving parts.

After getting this far, Max demanded a short break much to Mikes dismay.

After adding the shift stick, Max happily tested it out to make sure everything was functioning properly.

Next, the paddle shifters and steering begin to take shape.

Steering wheel is attached, and the paddle shifters have rubber bands added.

The front suspension and steering are built as a unit, then added to the main chassis.

Max demonstrates that the steering wheel can be run somewhat effectively by a regular minifig, albeit, it requires a lot of effort

Now the rear suspension is added. All 4 of the yellow brake pads feature a Porsche sticker on the yellow 14 tile.

The flat 6: the pistons actually move when the gear is turned, and it was quite fun just watching them in action for a bit.

The rest of the engine detailing is then added and that finishes off box 1. There are 323 building steps in the first box alone, and it took us around 2 1/2 hours to complete. Already the Porsche is impressive in size, let alone all the moving parts.

John: The design work that went into this must have been staggering, I was particularly impressed by the suspension and gearbox.

Opening box number 2.

9 bags this time and the next thing to construct is the body of the car, which when finished will be hooked onto the drive-train, in a similar fashion to how the actual Porsche is made.

It starts with the front bumper area and is quite rugged even at this early stage.

Max and Mike high five as the body is completed and ready to attach to the drive-train.

Red technic pins just have to be pushed in to lock the two sections together which works quickly and easily.

John: "Assembling the body and drive-train separately simplified the build process nicely. And once they were combined it was great to see the Porsche beginning to take shape.

The bucket seats finish off the second box and feature some neat shaping. Our little assistants thought the seats were a bit on the large side, but comfortable. The second box took 208 building steps to complete and came together in a little over 2 hours.

Box 3 begins perhaps the funnest part of the build process, watching the car body panels get added and seeing more and more of the car come together.

Only 4 bags this time, and this section of building definitely goes a lot quicker than the drive-train and frame!

The new fender parts work perfectly here and there are quite a few sections that are angled to get the proper Porsche shaping.

Max and Mike take another well deserved break and admire the rear fender areas.

With the rear bumper added, I thought the Porsche look was already quite evident.

The hood can open and close as seen below while Max and Mike lower it into place. The curved panels look to be super useful for MOCs.

2 boxes left, including the wheels, but the excitement of finishing the model drives us on. The third box consisted of 148 steps and took about an hour to assemble.

John: The accuracy of the cars shape was wonderful, especially around the rear bumper and hood.

Again there are only 4 bags, but these 4 will basically complete the car.

Front bumper, check! The rack gears make for a great grill texture and are also used for the intakes on the side of the car.

Working doors with adjustable mirrors, check!

The rear spoiler is also adjustable.

Some flex tubing here and there gives the finishing touches.

And a small tool bag is added to a compartment under the hood.

Now all that remains is to attach the lovely wheels and admire this epic car.

All 856 steps done!

As this picture shows, the completed car is massive! I found the size, and weight to be quite similar to that of a RC model. And while there are some gaps here and there in the body paneling, I found the look overall to be easily recognizable as the Porsche 911 GT3 Rs, and just plain awesome.

John: Phenomenal shaping, and functionality too. What more could you ask for?

While there are always things that can be improved, I am more than happy with this set. Its a stunning display model alone, and still includes working features. Its not exactly a play set, but is still fun to zoom around and my 6 year old brother loves to drive it and open the doors and other moving parts.

A couple of things that I would have loved the set to have: more visible engine when the rear hatch is open to allow for watching the pistons in action, and having it power functions ready so it could be upgraded to a remote controlled car easily, though perhaps finding space for the motor and controller would make that difficult.

As a parts pack this set doesnt have amazing value with the $300 price tag and 2,704 parts averaging to 11 cents a piece. But its not a bad price either, and the new wheels, fenders, and printed 1x1 round tiles are exclusive to this set. Ultimately, its up to you to decide whether this magnificent model is worth the large cost.

We are incredibly thankful to the LEGO LCE team for sending us this set to review, and all the opinions expressed are ours alone.

We hope you enjoyed this review, and would love to hear your thoughts on this set which is available June 1st. If you would like to see pictures of anything in particular, just let us know as we plan on keeping this set together for some time.