Half Stud Offset Wooden Wall Tutorial

This fairly simple design is useful to simulate wooden walls, and is a technique I've used numerous times in the past. The design makes use of 2x2 round bricks, palisade bricks, and half stud offsets to achieve the final effect, and is view-able from both sides. The image here gives an example of a completed build using this design.

Check out the full article to learn how to build it yourself.

A plate with some 2x2 plates and jumpers sets up the base of the wall. The 2x2 plates mark where the 2x2 round bricks will go, while the jumper plates and tiles area will hold the palisade bricks.

Ive added some inverted slopes in the palisade section to frame a window.

A 2x4 plates serves as the bottom sill and gives a nice solid foundation for the window.

A few plates and tiles mark where the frame and window go.

11 round bricks add to the wooden wall look, though palisade bricks turned sideways would also work well. Stacks of trans plates give a nice stained glass look.

Another 2x4 plate caps off the window.

Some cheese slopes add a bit of decoration to finish the frame.

And then some more palisade bricks and 2x2 rounds raise the wall section to the desired height. To lock things together solidly, well need some jumper plates on top of the palisade bricks, level with the 2x2 round columns.

Next, a plate connects the whole wall. If you wanted to add a second story, you could repeat the previous steps on top of the plate.

Some tiles across the top finish it off nicely. When used in a complete building, likely there will be a roof that overhangs the wall.

And there is the completed wall section! There are lots of variations you can make with this design, but hopefully this tutorial gets the basic technique across.

Thanks for reading, and as usual, if you have questions or suggestions for future tutorials, let us know!