Age of Empires Flash MOC

Age of Empires Collaboration
For those of you who have yet to enter the gaming world, there is a very awesome strategy game known as Age of Empires. One of our fellow LUG members, Mark, introduced us to the game, and you could say that some of us got hooked. After a while of playing, we decided that the medieval buildings would be perfect for building with LEGO® bricks. Hence, we decided to do a flash MOC.

Read on to check out all of the buildings that were made for this LEGO collaboration along with links to high-resolution photos on Flickr.

Mark's Archery Range:
Age Of Empires II- Archery Range

Paul's Mill:
Age of Empires- Mill

David's Market:
Age of Empires - Market

Andrew's Barracks:
AoE II - Barracks

Aaron's Mining Camp:
Age of Empires Mining Camp

Isaac's Dock:
AoE II: Dock

Michael's Blacksmith:
Age of Empires II - Blacksmith

So there you have it! If you want to check out the game, and perhaps download and play it, you can go here. Hope you enjoyed InnovaLUG's AoE flash MOC!
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