Isles of Aura Flash MOC

InnovaLUG presents the Isles of Aura!

Welcome to Aura!
A planet of grandeur and beauty, but also great peril! A world of floating isles, flying ships, and uncharted skies. An age of exploration! An epic tale of heroes, commoners, pirates, privateers, mercenaries, and loyal countrymen.

And a terraforming approaches.

To kick off the Isles of Aura project, several InnovaLUG members collaborated on a group Flash MOC set in the new whimsical world. Read on to view them all!

Isaac Snyder's beautiful lighthouse:
Isles of Aura: Veita Lighthouse
Aaron Gomez's excellent dock and tent:
Isles of Aura - Renier
David FNJ's elegant estate of his character:
Isles of Aura - Devere's Home
This build by Graham Gidman use angled wedge plates to create a very sloped terrain:
Isles of Aura: Awaiting Rescue
Andrew JN's magnificent gatehouse and ships:
Isles of Aura: Picking up Supplies
Jacob Pennington's excellent brick-built ship:
Isles of Aura: The &quotWindlark"
Lee Muzzy made good use of capes as sails for his character's Scutter:
Tim Schwalfenberg's stunning pirate hideout:
IoA - To Pirate Another Day
Ian Spacek's clever bird's nest and very unique airship:
Isles of Aura - The Fowler
Brother Steven's wonderful City Of Fagimburg:
Isles of Aura, Fagimburg.
My (John's) visit to a small island in a nimble ship:
Isles of Aura: A New Discovery
Matthew Oh's excellent island and explorer boat:
Isles of Aura - A new beginning
Drazard's lovely dock and tower:
Isles of Aura - The Sky-boy
DuneDain98's exquisite fort and fantastic airship:
IoA - Isle of Nuvens

To see the creations that were added since that time, be sure to check out the Isles of Aura Flickr Group. You can also build for this theme and add your IoA creations to the group.