Summer Joust 2021 Wrapup

Summer Joust 2021 Wrapup
The 2021 Summer Joust has come to a close, and now let's take a look back at some of the details and statistics.
Though if you haven't already, be sure to check out the results first!

For the 6th Summer Joust, 100 participants submitted 210 entries. The average number of entries per competitor was 2.1.
Significant increase compared to last year's 79 participants and 163 entries.

In 2020, only one category reached more than 40 entries, but this year three did! And even more astonishing, the Vignette category didn't have most entries!
Categories by Entry Count:
High Fantasy: 48
12x12 Vignette: 45
Creating an Atmosphere: 41
Through the Seasons: 32
Asian Setting: 25
Monastery: 19

Category Average Entry Score:
Through the Seasons: 19.34
Asian Setting: 17.56
Monastery: 17.43
Creating an Atmosphere: 16.77
12x12 Vignette: 15.70
High Fantasy: 15.13

Approximately 110 builds were submitted in the last week, which is over half of the total entries. In fact, in just the last two days around 75 builds came in! The team category always plays a large role in that, as almost every team posts in the last few days.
Still, there was a consistent flow of entries throughout the contest, with the first ones being posted after just a few days.

All in all it was our most successful Joust yet and we hope you all enjoyed it as much as we did.

Thanks for reading, and we're looking forward to next year's Summer Joust!