Autumn Vignette Collab

InnovaLUG Autumn Vignettes Collab
It's the perfect time of the year for yellow leaves and medium nougat dirt! A few of us InnovaLUG members took the opportunity to go back to our castle roots for a series of vignettes.

Carter Witz starts us off with his Autumn Stroll.
Autumn Stroll

Autumn Ambush by yours truly (Geneva Durand) is another stroll, but with a bit of danger around the corner.
Autumn Ambush

-Little John built this pleasant Autumn Shed.
Autumn Shed

Jaapxaap brought the purple to the table with his Clocktower!

The stroll continues with Jako of Nerogue's Autumn Travels.
Autumn Travels

Then we have a peaceful bit of Autumn Scenery featuring a unique black tree design from Isaac Snyder.
Autumn Scenery

To close out the collab, Roanoke Handybuck built Autumn Courtyard.
Autumn Courtyard