Style it Up: Week Two Recap

Style it Up! Week Two Recap
The second week of the Style It Up contest has come to a close and the results have been announced! As with week one, week two brought us a slew of unique, high-quality entries.

Week two's challenge was to create a completely symmetrical build.

First of all, the winner: Si-MOCs and the Tetrahedral Planetoid.

Tetrahedral Planetoid

Now for the top ten entries after the winner! (in alphabetical disorder)

David Hensel brings us a beautiful interior, the Shrine of Sir Simonochrometrical.

Shrine of Sir Simonochrometrical

This Monarch Butterfly by Henjin_Quilones gives a refreshing dash of color.

Monarch Butterfly

Butterflies were popular this round; Inthert built a Butterfly Book!

Butterfly Book

jnj_bricks built this Dark Hall.

Throne Room of the Dark Lord

Quarantine in Cairo from Josdu uses lighting to differentiate the two symmetrical halves.

Quarantine in Cairo

The winner of week one, Luka or First Order Lego is back with his creation, Balcony Runway (Italy stay home, stay strong).

“Balcony Runway” (Italy stay home, stay strong)

Mountain Hobbit built this amazing rendition of Minas Tirith.

Minas Tirith

This perfectly symmetrical workshop by Rolli is full of details to enjoy!

Symmetrio's Workshop

Ted Andes showed up with one of the most creative entries, The Last Skyhopper.

"The Last Skyhopper"

Last but not least, Tino P. brought us a finely crafted Aiila-class Battleram.

Aiila-class battleram

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