Color it Blacktron Contest 6

Color it Blacktron Contest 6
Itching to do some space building?
Then this contest is perfect for you! With 6 different categories there are loads of options to choose from, and also some great prizes.

"Category 1: Spaceship! Build a Blacktron 1 or Blacktron 2, or heck, even Blacktron 3 spaceship!
PRIZE: #6887 Allied Avenger

Category 2: Ground based vehicle. If it moves, but stays on the ground (or water even) it belongs in this category.
PRIZE: #6876 Alienator

Category 3: Base. It can be a base on the ground, or a space station in, uh, space. Or a spcaestation that has crashed on the ground. that works too..
PRIZE: #6710 Space Landing Pads

Category 4: Custom Minifig. No buildings, backdrops, or bricks. Unless it's a brickbuilt minifig, like a Brickheadz, or a Miniland figure. This will be judged SOLELY on the minifig(s)
PRIZE: A Blacktron 1 Minifig, a Blacktron 2 Minifig, alien Rench from the SP3 line, a CMF Series 3 Space Villain, CMF Series 11 Evil Mech, and a CMF Series 19 Bounty Hunter

Category 5: Recolour a official Lego set into Blacktron. Reclouring a Blacktron 1 into Blacktron 2 set (Or vise Versa) is frowned upon. When entering, you must also send a picture of the set you have recoloured. At the very least, give me the set name and number.
PRIZE: A custom Blacktronized versions of 6648 Mag Racer, and 6125 Sea Sprint 9.

Category 6: Recolour and Old MOC. Take any of your own MOCs. Now, rebuild it into BLACKTRON. When submitting photo, must also have a photo of original MOC.
PRIZE: 6894 Invader"

You have until June 21st, 2020 to submit your entries by emailing
Check out all the details here.