Style it Up! Contest

Style It Up! Contest
Welcome to the ‘Style it up!’ contest. The contest where you can build in whatever style you want, as long as you stick to our restrictions!

A lot of categories are based on themes, like a castle-contest or a space-contest. However the categories for Style it Up! are focused on restrictions in color/style/available parts.
But to discover what the categories are, you have to wait until the contest starts!

The contest runs 4 weeks. With one category a week, and every week has its own restrictions. So these are the dates:
Category 1: April 1st 11:00 EST - April 8th 11:00 EST
Category 2: April 8th 11:00 EST - April 15th 11:00 EST
Category 3: April 15th 11:00 EST - April 22nd 11:00 EST
Category 4: April 22nd 11:00 EST - April 29th 11:00 EST

What the restrictions are, you will discover at the moment each category starts.

Every category will have 1 winner, who will receive a prize. (Check out the prizes below!)
You can only receive one prize for a category win. But there is also a big prize for the overall winner. To win the big prize, you have to score the highest amount of points with your best 3 entries combined. (So if you participate all rounds, we will count your 3 best entries, if you participate 3 rounds, all entries will be counted, if you participate less than 3 rounds, we will just count the points you received for that 1 or 2 entries.

If you win a category, you will win set #80104 - Lion Dance.
If you score the most points with your best 3 entries combined, you will win set #21322 - Pirates of Barracuda Bay.

This contest is hosted on Discord, so find more details and join the server now!