Marchitecture 2019

Marchitecture 2019
With March comes Marchitecture and an excellent reason to try your hand at an Architecture styled creation!

Open from March 1st - March 31st, the rules are very simple:
"You will have one month to build a microscale* version of a recognizable real-world building. This could be a building in your neck of the woods or one that everyone recognizes.
* Microscale in this case is anything well smaller than a minifig would be used in. If you think about the general scale of the actual Architecture sets, you're probably good.
The building should be presented in a LEGO Architecture style with a black border.
Completed model with border should not exceed a 32x32 stud footprint."

Set #21043 San Francisco is the prize up for grabs, so check out the full details and description in
the flickr group.