Vignette Scenes from LEGO Ninjago: Hunted

Ninjago Vignette Scenes
A trio of Ninjago-loving InnovaLUG builders got an opportunity to take a look at the recent dragon hunters line-up, and the steampunk style of wild survival inspired them to create a series of small vignettes featuring minifigures from #70655 Dragon Pit, #70654 Dieselnaut, #70653 Firstbourne, #70652 Stormbringer, and #70650 Destiny's Wing!


So, Ninjago has always been almost my favorite theme, so I really was happy to build for it, and although this build is not as good as I wish it was I hope that soon I will provide something more worthy of the great theme and movie series! Here I built a small vignette based off the very first episode from the Hunted season. You might remember the Ninja try to contact Ninjago with a weird machine they made from scrap, and then they were caught there in their wrecked Bounty by the Dragon Hunters. Here I show the machine, as faithfully as I could, with a small portion of the wreck and with Jay playing on his wood game console. I hope you like it!

Josiah added some minifigure hair from his own collection and used minifigures from #70655 Dragon Pit for his vignette!


One of the craziest things that happened to the ninja in the Hunted season was being used as dragon bait! Recreating that scene was my first inspiration when I started looking at the minifigures from these sets. Kai, Zane, and Cole are all tied to one stand where their elemental powers can be tapped into in order to attract the dragons. This was a fun scene to recreate, although triangle connections are notoriously difficult in LEGO. With a little bit of bending and twisting, however, it was possible to create a tripod shaped stand for the ninja, and the end result is surprisingly sturdy, thanks to LEGO string wrapping around the logs like wire. Then it was just a matter of giving the dragon hunters a small fire to gather round, and the dragon trap was complete!

This vignette features minifigures from #70653 Firstbourne and #70652 Stormbringer. Like Josiah, Geneva added hairs from her own collection.

Geneva gave Daddy No Legs, one of the dragon hunters in #70652 Stormbringer a bit of an upgrade, to bring him more in line with the TV show version!


Iron Baron's great big spiky throne from the end of the first episode is definitely one of the most iconic scenes from the Hunted season - arguably the most iconic of all - so it was certainly on my list of things to build once we'd decided to make some vigs for the minifigs. And as if the spikes weren't enough, the Baron's even got dragon skulls stacked around his throne: not somebody you want to mess with! (Unless you're a ninja or something, of course... *eyeroll*)

The minifigures for this creation come from #70654 Dieselnaut, with one of the dragon hungers getting a spiky black hair upgrade!

Another very dramatic part of the season centers around the ninja crossing over into Oni territory in search of the golden armor... though as it turns out, no Oni are around anyways! While searching the somewhat ruined city they find the map to the armor, though - but I hope you don't expect me to tell you where; watch the season yourself if you want to find out! XP Although it's relatively simple I was quite happy with how this vig turned out - I'm definitely going to keep that stair technique in mind, and I love that I was finally able to put that vine thing to good use! :D

This last MOC spotlights three of the four ninja and a young Sensei Wu, from #70654 Dieselnaut and #70653 Firstbourne. Only Sensei Wu's hair is included in any of the sets.

More Ninjago: Hunted inspired builds are coming soon, so enjoy these and stay tuned!