Rounded Trunk Tree Tutorial

Since I’ve started building I have always enjoyed building trees, most of my builds have at least a few. This tree that I will show you how to build has been one of my favorites to build for several years now. What makes this technique stand out is its rounded trunk, as well as the ease of which you can add detail to it and make it quite large.

Here are all the kinds of bricks you will need. This is just to give you a general idea of the kind and quantity of parts, the amount you will need will vary on how much detail and how large you want to build your tree.

Tree Tutorial-23

The first thing to build is the trunk. To begin, connect long axles together using any kind of technic axle connectors to figure out what height of tree you want to build.

Tree Tutorial-2

Once you have done that, connect the 2x2 round plate and 2x2 plate together and attach those to the bottom of the lower axle. Now slide the 1x1 bricks with pin holes down the axles. At the very top attach the other 2x2 round plate on the upper axle, then the 1x1 cone atop that.

Tree Tutorial-3

Then put 1x1 studs onto all of the 1x1 bricks.

Tree Tutorial-4

Now line up 6 (in this case) rows of of plates corresponding to the height of the tree, and then connect them using tiles. It is a good idea to attach one row of plates to the trunk to make sure they combine to make the right height before going any further.

Tree Tutorial-6

Then you are going to place 1x1 cones on the rows. These are where the branches are going to be, so make sure you think of how they are going to look when on the trunk. I find it best to stagger them from row to row. Once you have placed those you can begin to add any little details you want. I decided to add some dark brown tiles to give another color, and some slopes at the bottom to cover any gaps at the base (note the way they are facing).

Tree Tutorial-8

Once you are happy with how the plates look you can place the beams inside the cones, with the longer ones towards the bottom, and shorter beams near the top.

Tree Tutorial-10

Now is the time to attach the rows to the trunk structure. This can be pretty tricky, so have patience, it may take a few tries. With practice it will become easier. When attaching the trunk sections make sure to have at least 3 connection points per section and to plan ahead for all 6 sections. Also, make sure you place the plates in order to keep the branches staggered, and the slopes where they ought to be.

Tree Tutorial-11

Once all 6 sections are attached, place the tree on large plate to keep it standing as you put on the leaves.

Tree Tutorial-13

Here you can attach two 1x2 clips onto each branch. Then put the first layer of leaves on the branches. Make sure to have the clips angled downwards so there is room for both to be attached.

Tree Tutorial-15

I typically add another layer of leaves on the branches to make the tree fuller. On the lower level you can also add smaller leaves underneath the clips to hide them, anything above that you can’t really notice the clips from below. I also find it easier to add both layers on the same level before adding any leaves to the level above it, or else it makes it difficult to add the second layer without breaking off a branch.

Tree Tutorial-16

After you have completed the second layer you can look for bare spots and cover those up by attaching leaves to those already connected to the clips.

Tree Tutorial 17_18

Now you are ready to make the top part of the tree. I usually start with one large leaf brick and then attach two layers of smaller ones below it. Then you can add one or two leaves on top of that and then attach it to the 1x1 cone that is already on the top of the tree.

Tree Tutorial 12_20_21

The tree is now complete!

Tree Tutorial-22

I hope you found this tree tutorial useful or interesting, and maybe it sparked an idea for a new way to build a tree. As always, let us know down in the comments if you have any questions or ideas for future tutorials.