2x4 Bricks Not Stacked - PAB Math

Are you short on time and don't know which sized Pick-A-Brick cup to get if you only want 2x4 bricks? I answer that and provide some general tips for loosely packing your Pick-A-Brick cups in this video, and I mention the main points in the article here.

This begins the video portion of my Pick-A-Brick series of articles. The main reason why I am doing this is to help you and I find the best ways to get the most brick for our buck given our time constraints. Let's face it, we don't often have the time to spend trying to really pack our Pick-A-Brick cups. In these videos I compare large and small cups, packing methods, and prices per piece all while using math to analyze the findings. Some videos will be about stacking, and others about not stacking. For the most part, each article/video will only focus on one type of piece.

Today we're looking at 2x4 bricks. Specifically, when they are not stacked inside a PAB cup.

If you quick need to grab some 2x4 bricks, should you grab a large cup or a small cup to get the best price per piece? Granted, not packing large pieces like this greatly diminishes the potential bargain here, but for the sake of the scenario explained, let's take a closer look.

As demonstrated in the video, here is how the math works for 2x4 bricks not stacked:

The Math
107 bricks fit in the large PAB cup.
60 bricks fit in the small PAB cup

The cost per 2x4 brick for large cups not stacked is $0.01495
The cost per 2x4 brick for small cups not stacked is $0.15

To put that in perspective, if you were to spend $144 on either all large or all small cups of just 2x4 bricks averaging the 107 or 60 bricks per cup respectively, this is what you'd end up with:

963 bricks by buying large PAB cups.
960 bricks by buying small PAB cups.

Percentage wise, buying larger cups ends up being 0.3% (3-tenths of a 1 percent) better deal. That only assumes you actually don't mess up in getting exactly 107 bricks each time when buying the large cups and always getting exactly 60 bricks when buying the small cups. Factor in a little bit of randomness, and the two cups are essentially giving you the same value per brick.

The bottom line, if you're going just for 2x4 bricks and are not going to spend any time packing them, it does not matter what cup you choose to buy. I was actually pretty surprised at this fact. Now, for 2x4 bricks, because they are a decently large piece for a PAB cup, I highly recommend at least doing some packing because the price per piece goes down dramatically without requiring too much time.

The next article will focus on 1x2 bricks, but when we eventually make it back to 2x4 bricks, we'll discuss what happens to the math when we do stack the bricks.