ABS Season 2 Finale: Week 3 Recap

ABS Season 2 Finale Recap Week 3
The third week of this exciting ABS Finale has come to a close, and here we've got one more recap for you all before we get on to the results! This week's seen a burst of activity with almost 25 new builds being posted using that Silver Goblet (of Destiny). Check out some of the highlights after the break!

In the Olive Green corner (why do we always start with Olive Green? Well, we like to be consistent, that's all!) we've got this moo-arvelous milking machine by Paul Wolfe:

Heading back in time, as Michael closes out his builds with this excellent medieval street scene:

What else do we have from Olive Green? How about this chain-mailed knight, by Navarre. Don't miss the subtle use on the sword's hilt too!

Mooving on to Azure Blue, we've got this attic light by Forlorn Empire...

An excellent bowling alley by The Brick Ninja (I totally called that, by the way!)

And this very curious vehicle by David Z. Is it a car? Is it a plane? (Sorry, it's not superman - hope I didn't get your hopes up...)

And in the Lavender corner house, a brick moulding machine by... (drum roll please) Classical Bricks! A coincidence? We don't think so.

Then we also have this awesomely immersive scene featuring knights... driving a tank, to all appearances, by Kingdomviewbricks! (Anybody got a short nickname to suggest? Ideas are very welcome!)

Julandrius joined the fray with this dangerous looking minefield:

And lastly but not leastly (is that even a word? Apparently not, haha), it looks like Calvin and Hobbes have come to stay in the Dark Orange corner house! As manifested by this build brought to you by Mark of Siloam...

Next up, the other Mark - the Falworth one - presents this epic battle on some unknown planet between the Space Marines and Blacktron:

And, scaling down a bit (in size, at least!), we've got this tiny tiny little DSLR and tripod by Garmadon.

And that wraps it up for this wrap up! Check out all the builds in the flickr thread, and if you want to see some parts besides the Silver Goblet, visit one of our Finale sponsors:
44 Bricks
The Block Shop, the Block Shop also has a Bricklink store.

Oh, and before I forget, the final build tallies.
Azure Blue: 27
Dark Orange: 23
Olive Green: 17
Lavender: 13

And that's all for now folks! Season 3 will be coming later this year, so sign up in this flickr thread if you want to get in on the ABS Builder Challenge!