ABS Season 2 Finale: Week 2 Recap

ABS Season 2 Finale Week 2
And here we are with another week's recap from the ongoing Season 2 ABS challenge finale, a furious battle over the Silver Goblet of Destiny between over 19 talented builders!* Among other things (including the Dark Orange team actually showing up, for one), this week witnessed the passing (no, that's not a euphemism for dying in this context) of the 50 build mark for this round - and we're not through yet! Scroll on to check out just a few of the highlights from this week.

*20, to be precise.

Starting off with the Olive Green corner house again, we've tempestuous scene by W. Navarre, featuring the goblet in a number of ways, including as the ship's cannons and the Kraaken's tentacles.

Next is Aaron Newman's terrible-looking (which in this case happens to be a compliment) depiction of Death, apparently inspired by The Hobbit.*

Aaron has also demonstrated his Fury-ocity with this Doof Wagon and roadster.

*Bah, sorry, that was Harry Potter up there. Such similar titles, you know...

Azure Blue pulled into the lead this week with number of builds, and here we've got this epic fly by Forlorn Empire that helped to tip the scales (though they are actually ahead by two, but whatever)!

This Mausoleum by David Zambito seems to tie in well with Aaron's deadly build a little bit above - though, to be sure, that's probably a coincidence...

And The Brick Ninja has demonstrated his mastery of the art of clean lines and aesthetics with this fabulous pipe organ.

Moving on, we've got the Lavender corner, and Wat seems to be thinking that the other corner houses' hopes of winning are about as realistic as some fairy tales (and not exactly the more realistic fairy tales at that).

Classical Bricks, on the other hand, appears to be concerned with eminently practical things, like DNA...

And eating! I'll leave it up to you to decide which is more important.

On to the Dark Orange corner house (saving the best for last, you see! Or maybe it's last for some certain other reasons, but we won't mention those). Andrew's all set to leave you all with some happy nightmares with this Frankenstein bust (yes, he is totally looking down his nose at you other corner houses!)

Garmadon seems to have finally got on the ball - and he's having a blast!

Speaking of which, here's another of Garmadon's (two) builds - but to all appearances he's totally cool and collected. We've got the feeling that he's got this.

Well, whatever the case, let's get down to the numbers! - which are, 17 builds for Azure Blue, 14 for Dark Orange, 12 for Olive Green, and 8 for Lavender. One more (probably frantic) week to go, and we'll see what uses the Silver Goblet of Destiny gets put to next!

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