ABS Season 2 Finale: Week 1 Recap

ABS Season 2 Finale: Week 1 Recap
Week 1 of the ABS Season 2 Finale has rolled by, and we've definitely had a pretty strong start! With 30 builds total featuring the Silver Goblet of Destiny, the contestants have already shown that this part has got quite some potential. Mark of Falworth currently is the builder in the lead with number of builds (at 7 for week 1!) - which is a good thing because the rest of his team... well, well.*

*(Are actually preparing to take over the world in week 2... but shh, don't tell anyone that.)

Starting off with the Olive Green corner house, we have this typewriter by Michael, with the seed part both as candlesticks and keys.

W. Navarre's got something slightly more modern, with this speaker (looking uncommonly like one of a pair we use on the computer downstairs...)

And Aaron Newman took us into ultra-modernity/the future with the amazingly compact little 5PY 8UG.

And, heading over to the Azure Blue corner house, we've got this ingenious train by David Z.

Next up, Carter Witz has brought us a space city complete with alien landscapes, futuristic skyscapers, and some awesome little vehicles too!

And The Brick Ninja saw a roof when he saw this part, so here we've got a little slice of a cyberpunk city (note the use of the part for the trophy bottoms as well).

The Lavender corner has been engaged in some iffy activity - get a load of this dark, catacombic build by Kingdomviewbricks (with some really neat lighting!)

And, from the same builder, we have this nice little micro spaceship preparing to take the team into hyperdrive.

Jonas, on the other hand, seems to be moving cautiously, setting up his masterplan to swipe the competition from the board.

And over in the Dark Orange camp, we've got Mark, Mark, and Mark! We're not worried though, as he's obviously been blasting away the opposition single-handedly with this mech! ...

Roaring past them in this monster of an Apocalyptic Roadster...

Mark of Siloam, not Mark of Falworth, brings back some childhood memories with his rendition of Calvin and Hobbes.

The current build tallies are 9 builds for the Olive Green corner, 9 for Azure Blue, 9 for Dark Orange, and 3 for Lavender, but we have confidential information that there should be many more builds to come!

So stay on top of all the action by following the flickr thread, and if you suddenly feel an urge to buy more parts and get building yourself, visit one of our Finale sponsors:
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