ABS Season 2 Finale Has Begun!

ABS Season 2: The Finale
Well folks, we've completed 8 rounds in season 2 of the ABS Builder Challenge. It's now time for the finale round! The season finale this time works like this - each corner house (Olive, Azure, Dark Orange, and Lavender) will each be represented by 5 competitors. The competitors have 3 weeks to build creations with the finale round's seed part - the Flat Silver
Minifig, Utensil Goblet . Once we reach the building deadline, each judge will score his or her own favorite creations from each corner house (an equal number from each house). The scores from each judge will then be combined with the scores from the other judges, and one corner house will emerge victorious! Last season, Azure claimed the victory. You can take a look at the season 1 finale here.

This finale round is sponsored by the following online stores:
44 Bricks
The Block Shop, the Block Shop also has a Bricklink store.
Be sure to visit their stores the next time you're looking for LEGO pieces!

This will be the last time you will see these corner house colors for a while, because we'll be switching things up for season 3. The best way to follow the creations this round is in the ABS Builder Challenge Flickr Group. Join that group, and also follow the builders on Flickr and get ready for some action! (their Flickr profiles are linked to below) So let's take a look at each corner house and get introduced to the competitors.

Due to various factors, there was some switching of who represents what corner house (for example, Mark is competing for Dark Orange even though in season 2 he competed on behalf of Lavender). There are also some competitors from season 1 participating.

Aaron Newman
W. Navarre
Paul Wolfe
Michael the juggler

Carter Witz
Noel Peterson

Dark Orange:
Mark of Siloam
Andrew JN
Sam J.J.
Mark of Falworth

Connor R.
Jonas Obermaier
Classical Bricks

Each week, we will have a recap in case you can't follow the whole thing on Flickr (we expect 80+ creations to be built during these next few weeks), and if social media is your thing, you can find us on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter.

Hang on tight, because there's about to be a flood of creations! All of which will be posted in this flickr discussion.