Make a LEGO Font Competition

Make a LEGO Font - New Elementary Competition
New Elementary is right now hosting the "Make a LEGO Font" competition. The premise of this contest is pretty simple, you have to design and build your own font to spell out the phrase "LEGO DNA". You can submit an entry made out of actual LEGO parts, or a digital entry, however your font must use one of the five new tile parts.
The three winners of this contest will each receive a prize of 50 of each of these new types of tiles, which is 250 tiles total! The contest ends May 31st. Make sure that you go and check out the contest on the New Elementary website, where you can read the full rules, as well as submit your entries.

The new tiles are pictured below.
New Tiles - New Elementary Contest

New Elementary is a website that focuses on new LEGO parts (including existing parts in new colors) and things you can do with them. It's definitely exciting to see them host a contest highlighting new parts! Let us know what you think of the contest in the comment section.