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2x4 Bricks Not Stacked - PAB Math
by David R 6 years ago

Are you short on time and don't know which sized Pick-A-Brick cup to get if you only want 2x4 bricks? I answer that and provide some general tips for loosely packing your Pick-A-Brick cups in this video, and I mention the main points in the article here.

This begins the video portion of my Pick-A-Brick series of articles. The main reason why I am doing this is to help you and I find the best ways to get the most brick for our buck given our time constraints. Let's face it, we don't often have the time to spend trying to really pack our Pick-A-Brick cups. In these videos I compare large and small cups, packing methods, and prices per piece all while using math to analyze the findings. Some videos will be about stacking, and others about not stacking. For the most part, each article/video will only focus on one type of piece.

Today we're looking at 2x4 bricks. Specifically, when they are not stacked inside a PAB cup.

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Pick-A-Brick Cups, Pick A Brick Online, and Bricks and Pieces
by David R 6 years ago

Pick-A-Brick Cups, Bricks and Pieces, and Pick-A-Brick Online

Today I'm starting a series of articles about the LEGO Pick-A-Brick cups that are sold at official LEGO Brand Retail stores. These plastic containers can be packed to the max and is one of the best ways to boost your parts collection. More often than not you need many of the same kinds of pieces to create a pattern, a special detail, a roof, a wall, a floor, or even supports to make your creations.

Before we get started with the Pick-A-Brick (PAB) cups series, we will start with a brief overview of PAB cups and also two other ways of purchasing individual LEGO pieces from the LEGO Group. The other two forms are being covered in this introductory article since they may be used as comparison points during the main Pick-A-Brick cups series. Plus, they are good resources to know about for just about any LEGO fan.

Let's get going!

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