Every so often we'll share community news, information about the site, or something new relating to InnovaLUG

At the end of each month we'll be posting a recap video about InnovaLUG members' LEGO creations, updates from what various members are up to, current and upcoming contests, a summary of the month's website posts, and other online community tidbits.

The video referred to several webpages which are linked to below.

Build Logs
Sigurds General Goods: Build Log
Leanorll Manor: Build Log
Life in Nordheim: Build Log
Forest Cottage: Build Log
The Last of Us: Build Log

LEGO Speeder Bike Racing League Building Contest

ABS Builder Challenge
ABS Round 1.7 Results
ABS Builder Challenge 1.8

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InnovaLUG 2016 Highlights
2016 was the first year of InnovaLUG since our website was launched, and it was quite a busy one at that!

The ABS Builder Challenge was launched, and 7 rounds have been hosted so far!
Many tutorials for different technique and building tricks were posted here, of which the most popular were:
Turntable Stained Glass Windows,
Tilted Plate Landscapes ,
Shingle and Weathered Shingle roofs,
SNOT Stonework,
Irregular Base,
Basic Arrow Slits,
Stone Cottage Wall, and

In March, InnovaLUG became a Recognized LEGO Fan Media, which is the same thing as a Recognized LEGO Users Group but for online groups. Keep reading for some of our highlights and LEGO creations for 2016.

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InnovaLUG presents our latest collaboration, Ye Old Merry Battleground! In our last post we posted a lot of teaser pictures for this collaboration for BrickFair Virginia 2016. We wanted to give those online a sneak peak at what was coming to BrickFair VA, and give those attending the convention the first look at the entire collaboration. Now that the convention is over, we are ready to share the pictures of the individual creations and pictures of the entire collaboration!

The Vermillion realm (red) and the Cerulean realm (blue) are at war! The land's greatest heroes go head to head in many epic battles where breaches are made on both sides. The forest men who dwell outside of the two realms' protection acted upon the war's opportunity and planned their own schemes for riches. As you cross between the realms, beware of bandits, swindlers, and dragons.

Take a look at all of the creations and collaboration pictures below!

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The winners for the Summer Joust have been announced!
With 130 entries total, there were plenty of strong entries, but the judges decided these to be the best of the best.
So keep reading to see some magnificent castle builds!

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MAYnifigure 2016 is ON!
Throughout the month of May, Kosmas Santosa is running the MAYnifigure challenge. The challenge is simple: design the best possible LEGO minifigure.

There are four main categories and six different awards. The categories are:
1. Best of sculpt: Any sculpted custom figs or figs with sculpted parts.
2. Best of Paint: Any fig painted with a brush or marker.
3. Best of Decal: Stickers, waterslide decals, you name it.
4. Best of Mix & Match: Purists, third party brands (Brickarms, Brickwarriors etc.) and other mashups with LEGO parts.
There is an award for each of those four categories, as well as an award for best of MAYnifigure 2016, and the peoples choice award.

Be sure to check out the Flickr group where you can read the full rules and post your minifigures.