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Rebrick Architecture Faves Contest
The LEGO Rebrick website has consistently offered monthly contests with excellent prizes to teen and adult fans. While LEGO will continue to provide the opportunity to build, post, and compete for prizes on an official LEGO run site, that opportunity will soon transition from the Rebrick site to LEGO IDEAS - "the future home of Contests." This change will not be instigated until September, however, so there is still a chance to enter contests on the Rebrick website.

The latest Rebrick contest offering is called Architecture Faves. The contest prompts builders to create a model of a real life location that the entrant considers personally significant - be that one's favorite building, city or place.

As with all Rebrick contests, some great prizes are up for grabs so take a look at the rules and be sure to get your entry in before August 2nd, 2018.

Febrovery 2018
While contests can provide plenty of motivation to get building, themed months are also a great way to have fun creating models with a bit less pressure.
February brings the return of Febrovery - a themed month where various builders come together to create space rovers.
The requirements are simple: create a sci-fi exploration ground vehicle, with wheels that should have one minifig as a driver minimum. Small builds are actually encouraged, with builders being challenged to try and make a rover with 150 or less parts. Though using more pieces is allowed if you would rather go big.
Check out all the others rovers that have been built so far, and share your own, in this flickr group.

The rover and train shown here, were built by Frost.

Looking for more inspiration? Keep reading to see some great examples of rovers from this year.

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We're back with another recap video! Take a look at the video to see all of the LEGO creations that InnovaLUG members posted this month. We also take a look at ABS Builder Challenge, a review of a Star Wars Rogue One set, and our Story of Moses collaborative Flash-MOC.

ABS Builder Challenge
Round 2.3 Recap
Round 2.4 Flickr Thread

Krennic's Imperial Shuttle

The Story of Moses

The Story of Moses
The baby in the basket. The parting of the Red Sea. The Ten Commandments.

One man's life weaves together 120 years of Israelite history - the life of Moses.

Fifteen InnovaLUG builders bring together fifteen builds telling his story. From his amazing rescue from death at an early age, to his bold stand before Pharaoh, to his death on mount Pisgah, Moses' life is replete with interest and instruction. Take a minute to refresh your memory and enjoy the builds!

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At the end of each month we'll be posting a recap video about InnovaLUG members' LEGO creations, updates from what various members are up to, current and upcoming contests, a summary of the month's website posts, and other online community tidbits.

The video referred to several webpages which are linked to below.

Build Logs
Sigurds General Goods: Build Log
Leanorll Manor: Build Log
Life in Nordheim: Build Log
Forest Cottage: Build Log
The Last of Us: Build Log

LEGO Speeder Bike Racing League Building Contest

ABS Builder Challenge
ABS Round 1.7 Results
ABS Builder Challenge 1.8

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