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August 2017 Recap Video
by David R 8 days ago

We're back with another recap video! Take a look at the video to see all of the LEGO creations that InnovaLUG members posted this month. We also take a look at ABS Builder Challenge, a review of a Star Wars Rogue One set, and our Story of Moses collaborative Flash-MOC.

ABS Builder Challenge
Round 2.3 Recap
Round 2.4 Flickr Thread

Krennic's Imperial Shuttle

The Story of Moses

The Story of Moses
by Geneva D a month ago

The Story of Moses

The baby in the basket. The parting of the Red Sea. The Ten Commandments.

One man's life weaves together 120 years of Israelite history - the life of Moses.

Fifteen InnovaLUG builders bring together fifteen builds telling his story. From his amazing rescue from death at an early age, to his bold stand before Pharaoh, to his death on mount Pisgah, Moses' life is replete with interest and instruction. Take a minute to refresh your memory and enjoy the builds!

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July 2017 Recap Video
by David R 2 months ago

Welcome to July's recap video. This past month saw the end of ABS Builder Challenge round 2.2 and the start of round 2.3! Be sure to watch the video to see lots of cool LEGO creations built by InnovaLUG members. Links to other content mentioned in the video are listed below as usual.

ABS Builder Challenge
Season 2 Round 2 Results
Season 2 Round 3 thread

Colossal Battle Contest V

Other Post
Simple SNOT and Studs Up Rockwork Technique

June 2017 Recap Video
by David R 2 months ago

We're back with our next monthly recap post! June saw the end of our first giveaway (on Facebook), a wagons and carts tutorial, the end of round 2.1 of ABS Builder challenge and the start of round 2.2! Be sure to watch the video for more details and to see what InnovaLUG members built this past month. If you want to see the videos earlier, subscribe to our YouTube channel because these videos are first published there and then are later posted here on the website.

ABS Builder Challenge
Season 2 Round 1 Results
Season 2 Round 2 thread

Other Post
Wagons and Carts Tutorial 2

May 2017 Recap Video
by David R 3 months ago

Another month has gone by and so has the first round of ABS Builder Challenge season 2! May saw the start and end of two public contests, and InnovaLUG members built several cool LEGO creations. We are also running a giveaway on our Facebook page for the Buckingham Palace set!

Star Wars Thrawn Contest
Make a LEGO Font Competition

ABS Builder Challenge

Season 2 Round 1 on Flickr

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