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June 2017 Recap Video
by David R 10 days ago

We're back with our next monthly recap post! June saw the end of our first giveaway (on Facebook), a wagons and carts tutorial, the end of round 2.1 of ABS Builder challenge and the start of round 2.2! Be sure to watch the video for more details and to see what InnovaLUG members built this past month. If you want to see the videos earlier, subscribe to our YouTube channel because these videos are first published there and then are later posted here on the website.

ABS Builder Challenge
Season 2 Round 1 Results
Season 2 Round 2 thread

Other Post
Wagons and Carts Tutorial 2

May 2017 Recap Video
by David R a month ago

Another month has gone by and so has the first round of ABS Builder Challenge season 2! May saw the start and end of two public contests, and InnovaLUG members built several cool LEGO creations. We are also running a giveaway on our Facebook page for the Buckingham Palace set!

Star Wars Thrawn Contest
Make a LEGO Font Competition

ABS Builder Challenge

Season 2 Round 1 on Flickr

Other Posts

Creator Carousel Set Review
Snow-scaping Tutorial
Ninjago Rock Roader Review

March 2017 Recap Video
by David R 4 months ago

March was a crazy month of building for many folks due to the ABS Builder Challenge Season 1 Finale competition! In this month's video we take a look at what InnovaLUG members built, a technic contest, and a few posts that were written for the website.


Technic Battle Bots

ABS Builder Challenge

Season 1 Finale Week 1
Season 1 Finale Week 2
Season 1 Finale Week 3

Stay tuned for the results from the finale round!

Website Posts

US Capitol Building set review
Assembly Square set review

February 2017 Recap Video
by David R 4 months ago

On March 1st we posted the recap video for February on our YouTube channel. We looked at the LEGO creations that InnovaLUG members built, the results from ABS Builder Challenge round 1.8, and the Marchitecture contest.


ABS Builder Challenge
Round 1.8 Results

Website Posts
Knights Challenge Set Review
Rebel U-Wing Fighter Set Review

January 2017 Recap Video
by David R 6 months ago

At the end of each month we'll be posting a recap video about InnovaLUG members' LEGO creations, updates from what various members are up to, current and upcoming contests, a summary of the month's website posts, and other online community tidbits.

The video referred to several webpages which are linked to below.

Build Logs
Sigurds General Goods: Build Log
Leanorll Manor: Build Log
Life in Nordheim: Build Log
Forest Cottage: Build Log
The Last of Us: Build Log

LEGO Speeder Bike Racing League Building Contest

ABS Builder Challenge
ABS Round 1.7 Results
ABS Builder Challenge 1.8

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