Builder Interviews

From time to time we'll talk with some builders from the online community about their creations, their journeys in the community, and their other experiences.

Lunar Exploration Geological Outpost with Billyburg
by John S a year ago

LEGO space MOCer billyburg recently posted his LEGO Ideas project, the Lunar Exploration Geological Outpost. I was very impressed with the build, and think it has a good chance at becoming a set if it reaches the required 10,000 supporters. You can help get it there by supporting it on LEGO Ideas.

Billy was kind enough to answer a few questions about his project, read the full interview after the break!

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Labyrinth Marble Maze with Jason Allemann
by David R 2 years ago

Marble Maze (Labyrinth)

With the upcoming release of the highly anticipated LEGO Ideas Maze set, we're honored to have been able to talk with Jason Allemann about his LEGO Ideas project - the Labyrinth Marble Maze.

Jason is a well known LEGO builder, especially when it comes to functioning models. He's dedicated a section of his website,, to the LEGO Ideas Maze where he'll be posting more content about the new set after its released. Jason also has an active YouTube channel JK Brickworks where he gets into greater detail about many of the models that he creates.

Read the full interview after the break!

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