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Star Wars Thrawn Contest
by Isaac S 2 months ago

Star Wars Thrawn Contest

Eurobricks has a unique Star Wars contest running now that challenges you to:
"Build two MOCs depicting Thrawn learning about his enemy and triumphing over them by studying their art. The first MOC should be no smaller than 16x16 square studs and should show Thrawn learning about his enemy through studying their art work. The second MOC should be no smaller than 32x32 square studs and should show how Thrawn's knowledge allowed the Empire to be victorious."

The contest is open through June 1st, and there are several prizes up for grabs as well, if you need some further motivation.
First place will win 75105 Millennium Falcon
Second place will win 75140 Resistance Troop Transport
Third place will win 75152 Imperial Assault Hovertank

Full details are available on eurobricks.

Make a LEGO Font Competition
by Michael G 2 months ago

Make a LEGO Font - New Elementary Competition

New Elementary is right now hosting the "Make a LEGO Font" competition. The premise of this contest is pretty simple, you have to design and build your own font to spell out the phrase "LEGO DNA". You can submit an entry made out of actual LEGO parts, or a digital entry, however your font must use one of the five new tile parts.
The three winners of this contest will each receive a prize of 50 of each of these new types of tiles, which is 250 tiles total! The contest ends May 31st. Make sure that you go and check out the contest on the New Elementary website, where you can read the full rules, as well as submit your entries.

The new tiles are pictured below.

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The Summer Joust 2017
by Isaac S 3 months ago

The Summer Joust Begins!

The Summer Joust returns with 6 categories, and 17 prizes!

What is the Summer Joust?
The Summer Joust is a castle contest with 6 different categories that is open May 1st-June 30th 2017. The contest is hosted on Flickr in a dedicated contest group. This year there are prizes for 1st and 2nd in all categories (excepting the team category), as well as 3 individual awards. The LEGO set prizes were provided by the LCE team (LEGO Community and Engagement team) through InnovaLUG.

You can find the full rules and pictures of the prizes on Flickr.
Continue reading for the categories.

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Real World +200 Starfighter Contest
by David R 3 months ago

Real World Starfighter Contest

If you were to imagine starfighters as they could realistically exist 200 years from now, what would they look like and how would they navigate with virtually no air resistance? This starfighter contest allows you to explore just that while competing with other imaginative inventors. The starfighters must be able to fit a LEGO minifigure and it must be feasible given the time period (oxygen, power, maneuverability, etc).

The deadline is May 15th, and you can find the full rules in the Starfighter Filckr group.

There are some amazing prizes to be won including the UCS Tie Fighter.

Color it Blacktron Contest!
by Mark E 3 months ago

Color it Blacktron Contest 5

Fans of classic space may want to check out this long running contest that will be making a reappearance. Hosted by two well-known members of the Flickr and Classic Castle communities "Elephant Knight" and "Purple Wolf", Color it Blacktron 5 seems to be exactly what it says. Creations of all types featuring the iconic black, white, and lime green color scheme are coming your way!

The contest will run from April 21 to May 21, and you can find the entry thread in the Flickr group. The contest is simple to enter as the only build requirement is to build something in the Blacktron color-scheme, which is easily picked up after a quick glance at the creations posted to the group photo pool.