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Brickset Contest - 60 Years of the LEGO Brick
by Geneva D 17 days ago

Brickset has decided to celebrate 60 years (as of the 28th of January) of the LEGO brick by hosting a contest following the theme of the special LEGO set released to commemorate the event! Build a miniature version of a LEGO set, fitting the scale of the miniature builds in set 40290.

So far only the first place prize has been revealed, but it's worth building for: the Old Fishing Store!

Upload your entry to Brickset's Flickr Group or use an Instagram hashtag, and catch the rest of the rules here. You have until March 18th, so get building!

2018 LSB Battle For District 18 Contest
by Andrew R 20 days ago

LEGO Speeder Bike Contest Poster

The LEGO Speeder Bike (LSB) group is hosting another speeder bike contest! This year's contest has a slight twist from the previous contests, in that digital entries are allowed and there are 4 categories to build for:

"ENFORCE": (Cops) Whether the laws are just or unjust, it is not for them to decide. These people are simply tasked to ENFORCE them. Anything from the police to para-military forces, build us the speeder bikes they use in District 18 to get the job done.

"ABIDE": (Citizens) The majority of District 18 is comprised of everyday people, just trying to ABIDE by the laws and make a living. From bike messenger services, pizza delivery, rickshaw taxies, to even the venerable office workers on their commute, it is amazing all of the diverse uses there are for speeder bikes in District 18.

"REBEL": (Criminals) Whether the laws are just or unjust, these people are the ones that REBEL against them. They do what they want, when they want, and fight for control over District 18 for the ability to do so. Some people call these roving biker-gangs criminals, some call them the resistance. Either way, build us the intimidating speeder bikes that they ride.

DISTRICT 18: “The District” is yours to envision. It could be in a vibrant cyberpunk city, a remote planetary tech-west outpost, a post-apocalyptic ruin; YOU control the action! At minimum, the diorama you build should include at least 1 enforcer, 1 abider, and 1 rebel speeder bike in your scene. We want to see the "good guys", the "bad guys", and the people caught in the middle (these can be the same bikes as from the individual bike categories, or entirely different ones; more than 3 is encouraged). For the DISTRICT 18 category, the ENTIRE SCENE is what will be judged.

The contest runs from Thursday, February 1st, until Sunday, March 4th at 11:59PM US EST.

The information in this article was taken from the announcement thread. For more information about the contest rules, how to join, as well as the prizes that are offered, be sure to check out the LSB Flickr group.

Rebrick Contest - The Great Mountain Chase
by John S a month ago

Rebrick The Great Mountain Chase Contest

Get ready to make a classic cops and robbers chase scene!
The latest contest on Rebrick is focused on just that:
"Bad guys are on the loose again and heading for the mountains, which means the LEGO City Mountain Police are on the case! Use LEGO bricks and clever Minifigure photography to showcase the great chase between the officers and the crooks in the mountains. It’s the classic tale of good and bad in LEGO City, here’s your chance to show us your photography and building skills!"

The prizes up for grabs should provide plenty of motivation to get building right away!
Grand Prize Pack (1 winner):
- 60174 Mountain Police Headquarters
- 60172 Dirt Road Pursuit
- 60173 Mountain Arrest
- 60176 Wild River Escape
- 60170 Off-Road Chase
- 60171 Mountain Fugitives
- 60175 Mountain River Heist
- $800 USD shopping spree on

Runner Up Prize Pack (2 winners):
- 60174 LEGO City Mountain Police Headquarters
- $300 shopping spree on

Bonus Prize (1 winner):
- 60174 LEGO City Mountain Police Headquarters

All entries must be submitted by February 8th, 2018 at 10:00AM EST.
You can see the full details on Rebrick.

The Tourney 2018
by David R 2 months ago

The Tourney 2018!

If you're looking for a contest that is nowadays less common, a multi-round contest, then the Tourney may be right up your alley! This contest is being hosted on Flickr, and the deadline for round 1 is January 14th, at 11:59 p.m. EST (Eastern Standard Time).

The way this castle-themed contest works is that after you enter round one (by building a Town Hall, Tavern, University, or Monastery) your creation is scored and then compared with the other round-one entries. The top 24 contestants will move on to the next round, and then after that, then it alternates from an elimination-style round where you are competing against 1 other contestant and other free-for-all rounds (like round 1). Players are eliminated until there is only 1 competitor left standing who never lost.

Check out the official rules and also check out the prizes for the top 4 competitors. If you like a challenge, then the Tourney is definitely a great place to compete.

Colossal Castle Contest XV
by Andrew R 3 months ago

Colossal Castle Contest XV

It's that time of the year again. Classic-castle is hosting its 15th annual Colossal Castle contest. Yes, you read that right, it is the 15th year for this contest! The Colossal Castle Contest XV (or CCCXV for short) runs from now until December 31st.

As always, the contest spans multiple categories, with each category having its own unique prize. Additionally, a Master Builder prize is given to the competitor who enters at least 6 categories and has the highest score when their top 6 builds are averaged.

Make sure to read all the information about the categories and prizes, as well as the rules regarding how to enter.