ABS Builder Challenge

Four Contestants. Two Weeks. One Unique Piece.
This, is ABS Builder Challenge.

by Isaac S 10 days ago

ABS Builder Challenge Round 2.8 Results
Round 2.8 was a great contest to spectate: the four competitors put out 18 builds using their dark brown seed part! Check them all out in the dedicated flickr thread.
The Brick Time BrickLink store was kind enough to sponsor again this round, so be sure to check out their store if you need any parts.

The competition was rather tough this round, but in the end Didier Burtin was declared the winner!
Continue reading to see how the scores added up, and what the contestants thoughts were on competing in the ABS Builder Challenge.

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by Isaac S a month ago

ABS Round 2.7
Round 2.7 finished a few weeks ago, and we can now bring you the results! The four competitors managed to come up with 15 builds utilizing the seed part. All of which can be seen in the round's dedicated flickr thread.
It was partially sponsored by Greenbrick, keep them in mind if you are looking to make a purchase through Bricklink.

Out of the four contestants, Jako of Nerogue emerged with a clear victory!
Keep reading to see how the scores broke down, and what the competitors thought of the ABS Builder Challenge, and their particular seed part.

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by Isaac S 3 months ago

ABS Round 2.6!
We have gotten pretty far into ABS Season 2, and round 2.6 was finished recently. And now we can bring you the official results!
Round 2.6 was sponsored by the Bricklink store, Brick Silvers. So check their shop out the next time you're looking to buy some parts.

The winner of Round 2.6 is Kevin Wanner! There was a total of 22 entries in Round 2.6, and you can see them all in the dedicated Flickr group.

Full scoring breakdown, and interview responses from the contestants can be found below.

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by Isaac S 4 months ago

ABS Round 2.5
Another round of ABS Builder Challenge has ended. Bricks Anywhere was kind enough to donate the seed part (gold binoculars) for this round.

All 14 of the entries for this round can be seen in the dedicated Flickr thread. The winner by far was Carter Witz!

Keep reading to check out the full scores breakdown and for the interview responses.

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by Isaac S 5 months ago

ABS Builder Challenge Round 2.4
This round was sponsored by the cuboid BrickLink store. Be sure to visit their store the next time you make an order!
We have perhaps reached a new milestone here in ABS Builder Challenge - a few competitors actually liked the seed part at first glance! To see all of the creations built by Geneva, Kai, Cab, and Isaiah, take a look at the Flickr group thread.

Four new competitors entered the ring, and only one emerged victorious! This time, the victor was Isaiah! Below are a breakdown of the scores from our panel of judges and interview responses from the competitors.

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