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This, is ABS Builder Challenge.

by David R 9 months ago

ABS Season 2 Finale Results!
It's been quite the journey these past few weeks. 19 competitors built for the season 2 finale of the ABS Builder Challenge. A total of 80 creations were made during the 3-week timeline. There were lots of amazing uses of the silver goblet piece, and we're excited to share the results with you!

We also asked the competitors to provide some insight into the creations that they built, so we've included their responses (those who had a chance to) below the detailed breakdown of the results.

As a reminder about how the scoring works, only the top 18 creations (at least 1 from each member) from each corner house (team) are included in the house's final score The house with the highest score wins. There is also a champion award which goes to the person who contributed the most to his house's score relative to the top contributor of the other houses.

Without further ado, the winning house for Season 2 Finale of ABS Builder Challenge is Azure Blue! The Champion title of the Season 2 Finale goes to Mark Erickson who contributed 904 points to his house, Dark Orange. Detailed below are the scores from the other houses and top contributors for the teams.

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by John S 9 months ago

ABS Season 2 Finale Recap Week 3
The third week of this exciting ABS Finale has come to a close, and here we've got one more recap for you all before we get on to the results! This week's seen a burst of activity with almost 25 new builds being posted using that Silver Goblet (of Destiny). Check out some of the highlights after the break!

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by John S 10 months ago

ABS Season 2 Finale Week 2
And here we are with another week's recap from the ongoing Season 2 ABS challenge finale, a furious battle over the Silver Goblet of Destiny between over 19 talented builders!* Among other things (including the Dark Orange team actually showing up, for one), this week witnessed the passing (no, that's not a euphemism for dying in this context) of the 50 build mark for this round - and we're not through yet! Scroll on to check out just a few of the highlights from this week.

*20, to be precise.

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by John S 10 months ago

ABS Season 2 Finale: Week 1 Recap
Week 1 of the ABS Season 2 Finale has rolled by, and we've definitely had a pretty strong start! With 30 builds total featuring the Silver Goblet of Destiny, the contestants have already shown that this part has got quite some potential. Mark of Falworth currently is the builder in the lead with number of builds (at 7 for week 1!) - which is a good thing because the rest of his team... well, well.*

*(Are actually preparing to take over the world in week 2... but shh, don't tell anyone that.)

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by David R 10 months ago

ABS Season 2: The Finale
Well folks, we've completed 8 rounds in season 2 of the ABS Builder Challenge. It's now time for the finale round! The season finale this time works like this - each corner house (Olive, Azure, Dark Orange, and Lavender) will each be represented by 5 competitors. The competitors have 3 weeks to build creations with the finale round's seed part - the Flat Silver
Minifig, Utensil Goblet . Once we reach the building deadline, each judge will score his or her own favorite creations from each corner house (an equal number from each house). The scores from each judge will then be combined with the scores from the other judges, and one corner house will emerge victorious! Last season, Azure claimed the victory. You can take a look at the season 1 finale here.

This finale round is sponsored by the following online stores:
44 Bricks
The Block Shop, the Block Shop also has a Bricklink store.
Be sure to visit their stores the next time you're looking for LEGO pieces!

This will be the last time you will see these corner house colors for a while, because we'll be switching things up for season 3. The best way to follow the creations this round is in the ABS Builder Challenge Flickr Group. Join that group, and also follow the builders on Flickr and get ready for some action! (their Flickr profiles are linked to below) So let's take a look at each corner house and get introduced to the competitors.

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