ABS Builder Challenge

Four Contestants. Two Weeks. One Unique Piece.
This, is ABS Builder Challenge.

by Isaac S a month ago

ABS Round 2.3
This round was generously sponsored by the Bricklink Store, MT-Bricks.
While the black fan made for quite a challenging seed part, Aaron Newman, Julian Andries, Legofin, and Guy Smiley all still came up with some lovely entries. There were 20 builds submitted in all. All of which can be seen in the ABS Builder Challenge flickr group.

In the end, Aaron Newman was declared the winner by our panel of 5 judges. Keep reading to check out the detailed score breakdown, and see some interview questions with the builders themselves.

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by Isaac S 2 months ago

ABS Round 2.2!
The second round of season 2 finished up recently, and we now have the results!
Round 2.2 was sponsored by Cuboid, so remember their bricklink store the next time you need some parts. This round's seed part was the white life preserver and the competitors were: Brick, Caleb, Micah, and Paul. These four builders came up with 24 builds incorporating the life preserver.

Our five judges have given their scores and the winner was decided to be Paul Wolfe! This round was the closest yet, with two competitors receiving the same amount of studs, and only the points breakdown giving Paul his victory.

As always, you can keep reading to see the full scoring details, and some interview questions with the competitors themselves!

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by David R 3 months ago

ABS Builder Challenge Round 2.1
ABS Builder Challenge Round 2.1 has come to a close, and what a battle it was! We want to thank The Brickyard Palace BrickLink store for sponsoring this round! Be sure to visit their store when looking for pieces for your next project. The competitors this round were Mark, Isaac, Eli, and Patrick, and they built a total of 26 creations.

Now that the judging is over, we can announce the winner! ABS Season 2 Round 1 winner is none other than Isaac Snyder!

The battle was indeed fierce, and the order of who scored highest between the judges varied more than any other round. Still, Isaac was the clear winner, winning by 2 studs. Keep reading for the breakdown of the scores and also to see the responses to interview questions from the competitors.

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by Isaac S 5 months ago

ABS Builder Challenge, Season 1: The Finale
With 16 competitors, the Season 1 finale will certainly be a round to remember. With 95 creations built for this round, the judges had their work cut out for them. Thanks once again to our sponsors, Bricks Anywhere, and The Brick Time, who provided the parts for this round.

In the end, the Corner House Azure Blue was hailed victorious! It was a narrow victory though, so keep reading to for the full scoring breakdown, some thoughts from the competitors themselves, and the announcement of the individual champion of the round.

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by Isaac S 6 months ago

ABS Season 1 Finale Week 3 Wrap-up
The Finale really went right down to the wire, with 38 builds being submitted in the third and final week.

If you haven't already, be sure to check out this round's sponsors:
Bricks Anywhere, and The Brick Time .

Now let's take a look at some of the last batch of entries!

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Recent ABS Creations

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