ABS Builder Challenge Round 2.1
ABS Builder Challenge Round 2.1 has come to a close, and what a battle it was! We want to thank The Brickyard Palace BrickLink store for sponsoring this round! Be sure to visit their store when looking for pieces for your next project. The competitors this round were Mark, Isaac, Eli, and Patrick, and they built a total of 26 creations.

Now that the judging is over, we can announce the winner! ABS Season 2 Round 1 winner is none other than Isaac Snyder!

The battle was indeed fierce, and the order of who scored highest between the judges varied more than any other round. Still, Isaac was the clear winner, winning by 2 studs. Keep reading for the breakdown of the scores and also to see the responses to interview questions from the competitors.

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Another month has gone by and so has the first round of ABS Builder Challenge season 2! May saw the start and end of two public contests, and InnovaLUG members built several cool LEGO creations. We are also running a giveaway on our Facebook page for the Buckingham Palace set!

Star Wars Thrawn Contest
Make a LEGO Font Competition

ABS Builder Challenge

Season 2 Round 1 on Flickr

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Carousel Review
This LEGO Creator Carousel set is one of the most fun sets that I have ever built. The urge to turn the crank to power the carousel ride is irresistible, especially when you know how it all works. With so many cool pieces to work with that normally wouldn't be found together make this set a unique building experience. Watch the video review and take a look at the detailed photos that go along with our written review for the full analysis.

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Snow Tutorial
Snowy landscapes are one of my favorite things to build, and they are something you don't see all that often in the LEGO community. Keep reading to see how I generally build my snow-scapes.

For this example, I'll show 3 different techniques for snow that I often use. Heres a simple base to work off of, the dark bley marks where some rockwork will go, and naturally the white plates indicate snow.

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Star Wars Thrawn Contest
Eurobricks has a unique Star Wars contest running now that challenges you to:
"Build two MOCs depicting Thrawn learning about his enemy and triumphing over them by studying their art. The first MOC should be no smaller than 16x16 square studs and should show Thrawn learning about his enemy through studying their art work. The second MOC should be no smaller than 32x32 square studs and should show how Thrawn's knowledge allowed the Empire to be victorious."

The contest is open through June 1st, and there are several prizes up for grabs as well, if you need some further motivation.
First place will win 75105 Millennium Falcon
Second place will win 75140 Resistance Troop Transport
Third place will win 75152 Imperial Assault Hovertank

Full details are available on eurobricks.