The Summer Joust 2017
The Summer Joust building competition recently finished and there were lots of amazing entries!

71 different entrants submitted 117 original creations! Vignette was again the most popular category with 37 entries. Castle Collaboration came in with 21 entries, while Homestead received 18, Medieval Church 15, Intrepid Expedition 13, and Immersive LEGO scene also received 13 submissions.

With so many quality creations, there were bound to be some very close calls. Below are pictures of the winning creations and also honorable mentions that were very close in score to the winning entries. If nothing more, these models will surely inspire some future build ideas!

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The Colossal Battle Contest V Begins Today!
For the fifth year in a row, the Colossal Battle Contest has returned today at the LEGO War Group on Flickr!

All LEGO themes are accepted and we are giving away some huge prizes courtesy of our sponsors, the LEGO LCE team and!

So if you want the chance to win the Silent Mary check it out!

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Hello, ladies and gents! Time for another Rogue One review! We'll be taking a look at Krennic's Imperial Shuttle, set number "75156." This time I decided to shake things up a bit, and cover the set in a video instead of a post. Check it out right here on our YouTube channel!

I have also included a bit of a write-up (with pictures!) about the building process, so if you'd like to see that, keep reading.

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Welcome to July's recap video. This past month saw the end of ABS Builder Challenge round 2.2 and the start of round 2.3! Be sure to watch the video to see lots of cool LEGO creations built by InnovaLUG members. Links to other content mentioned in the video are listed below as usual.

ABS Builder Challenge
Season 2 Round 2 Results
Season 2 Round 3 thread

Colossal Battle Contest V

Other Post
Simple SNOT and Studs Up Rockwork Technique

ABS Round 2.2!
The second round of season 2 finished up recently, and we now have the results!
Round 2.2 was sponsored by Cuboid, so remember their bricklink store the next time you need some parts. This round's seed part was the white life preserver and the competitors were: Brick, Caleb, Micah, and Paul. These four builders came up with 24 builds incorporating the life preserver.

Our five judges have given their scores and the winner was decided to be Paul Wolfe! This round was the closest yet, with two competitors receiving the same amount of studs, and only the points breakdown giving Paul his victory.

As always, you can keep reading to see the full scoring details, and some interview questions with the competitors themselves!

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