ABS Finale Week 2
Another week has gone by in the current ABS Builder Challenge, and more entries have been streaming in.
While the number of builds was a bit lower than the first week, there are still plenty of quality creations to admire.

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ABS Finale Week 1 Wrap-up
The ABS Builder Challenge is concluding Season 1 with a massive finale! Sponsored by
Bricks Anywhere, and The Brick Time, this round has a different format than all previous ABS rounds. With 16 contestants overall, each corner house is represented by four builders.

Over a three week time-span, each corner house must work together to create as many creations utilizing the seed part as possible. The top 14 creations from each corner house (including at least one from each team member) will be added together to give the corner house its final score, and decide which corner house ultimately reigns supreme!

Additionally, whichever contestant contributes most to their corner house's score will be crowned Champion of the Season 1 Finale.

So what have the 16 contestants put together so far? Keep reading to see some highlights of the first week!

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Assembly Square Set Review
The 10th anniversary of the Modular Building line brought the release of this huge set. Want to see what's included in the 4000+ pieces and whether it is worth the hefty $280 pricetag? Just keep reading.

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Technic Battle Bot Contest by Eurobricks
The Technic Battle Bots Contest being run on eurobricks, is a very cool contest that challenges you to build your own remotely controlled battle bot, operated using either PF IR remotes and receivers, or SBricks apps. Your entry is required to be smaller than 45Lx45Lx45L while not in battle mode, have a motorized signature move, and be entered before Monday April 10th.

There are two categories, and which one you enter will depend on what you are using to operate your battle bot. The first category SBricks, is for all bots operated using an SBricks app. The winner of this category will receive the technic Bucket Wheel Excavator.
The second category: PF IR is for all bots operated using power functions IR remotes and power functions receivers. The winner of this category will receive the Technic CLAAS XERION 5000 TRAC VC

There is also a raffle available for all contestants where you could win either a Volvo EW160E, or an SBrick Plus.

With a fun and challenging concept, as well as some pretty sweet prizes Technic Battle Bots contest is definitely one that you should check out. You can read the full rules, submit your entry and vote for the winners here.

On March 1st we posted the recap video for February on our YouTube channel. We looked at the LEGO creations that InnovaLUG members built, the results from ABS Builder Challenge round 1.8, and the Marchitecture contest.


ABS Builder Challenge
Round 1.8 Results

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