Color it Blacktron Contest 5
Fans of classic space may want to check out this long running contest that will be making a reappearance. Hosted by two well-known members of the Flickr and Classic Castle communities "Elephant Knight" and "Purple Wolf", Color it Blacktron 5 seems to be exactly what it says. Creations of all types featuring the iconic black, white, and lime green color scheme are coming your way!

The contest will run from April 21 to June 31, and you can find the entry thread in the Flickr group. The contest is simple to enter as the only build requirement is to build something in the Blacktron color-scheme, which is easily picked up after a quick glance at the creations posted to the group photo pool.

LEGO Castle Building Technique Contest 2017
After a successful first year, the Castle Building Technique Contest is back for another fun competition. The contest is a multi-round contest and is being hosted on MOCpages. Round 1 ends April 26th and requires the entries to fit in one of the following categories:
Wizards Workshop
Mining Incident
Siege Weapon Manufacturing

If the categories aren't enough to tempt you to join, then take a look at the prizes because they are offering some pretty amazing parts packs. The below links go to the prize photos on Flickr:
1st place prize
2nd place prize
3rd place prize

As long as you have a MOCpages account, you can join the group on MOCpages to enter! There are a few other rules about creating your entry like how to title it and link back to the contest group, so be sure to look at the rules thread in the group. If you have any questions, the judges will be glad to help you out with whatever you need.

MELO 2017
The annual Middle Earth LEGO Olympics, hosted over on MOCpages, is returning again for the fifth time this year, with the 1st round set to start on April 22nd. This elimination style contest is all about Middle Earth (as the name implies), so anything from The Lord of the Rings, to the Hobbit, or even books like the Silmarilion. The first round will run until May 21st, after which there will be a few days for judging. The rest of the rounds will last 10 days each.

For the full rules and any other information, check out the MOCpages group.

ABS Builder Challenge, Season 1: The Finale
With 16 competitors, the Season 1 finale will certainly be a round to remember. With 95 creations built for this round, the judges had their work cut out for them. Thanks once again to our sponsors, Bricks Anywhere, and The Brick Time, who provided the parts for this round.

In the end, the Corner House Azure Blue was hailed victorious! It was a narrow victory though, so keep reading to for the full scoring breakdown, some thoughts from the competitors themselves, and the announcement of the individual champion of the round.

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March was a crazy month of building for many folks due to the ABS Builder Challenge Season 1 Finale competition! In this month's video we take a look at what InnovaLUG members built, a technic contest, and a few posts that were written for the website.


Technic Battle Bots

ABS Builder Challenge

Season 1 Finale Week 1
Season 1 Finale Week 2
Season 1 Finale Week 3

Stay tuned for the results from the finale round!

Website Posts

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