ABS Round 2.5
Another round of ABS Builder Challenge has ended. Bricks Anywhere was kind enough to donate the seed part (gold binoculars) for this round.

All 14 of the entries for this round can be seen in the dedicated Flickr thread. The winner by far was Carter Witz!

Keep reading to check out the full scores breakdown and for the interview responses.

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LEGO Millennium Falcon UCS set
Our friends over at The Brothers Brick are currently hosting a wonderful contest in honor of the unveiling of the new 75192 UCS Millennium Falcon set. The contest is being hosted on Flickr, and all entries are submitted to the contest's Flickr group. The contest runs until October 15th. There are some great prizes available, including the new 75192 UCS Millennium Falcon!

The criteria for the contest are pretty simple. Create a new, never before posted MOC featuring the Millennium Falcon, and there are "no restrictions on scale, style or content."

The full write up of details and rules can be found in the contest's dedicated Flickr group. If you want a shot at winning a gigantic set, this is the time to do it, so get building!

Good Luck!

Jungle Exploration Site
Jungle Exploration sets, the latest subtheme of the ever-popular City genre, are now available worldwide! We have the opportunity of reviewing some of the highlights from this new wave of items. The Jungle Exploration Site includes 813 pieces and retails for $119.99 in the United States. It comes with an exotic array of vehicles, minifigs, and animals. Read on to explore more!

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ABS Builder Challenge Round 2.4
This round was sponsored by the cuboid BrickLink store. Be sure to visit their store the next time you make an order!
We have perhaps reached a new milestone here in ABS Builder Challenge - a few competitors actually liked the seed part at first glance! To see all of the creations built by Geneva, Kai, Cab, and Isaiah, take a look at the Flickr group thread.

Four new competitors entered the ring, and only one emerged victorious! This time, the victor was Isaiah! Below are a breakdown of the scores from our panel of judges and interview responses from the competitors.

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Summer Memories Brickly Contest
As fall and winter are fast approaching it seems fitting to theme a contest around the recent memories of the waning summer. Some of you may have heard of the brick photo sharing app called Brickly, well they have just kicked off the release of their app with a #SummerMemories Contest. Apparently all you need to do is build a creation of what summer means to you and upload it on the Brickly app with the hashtag #SummerMemories in the caption to be entered to win! For more details about the rules and prizes check out the contest post on the Brickly Blog!